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About me

I’m driven by excellence to make your songs sound spectacular by mixing them to be the most vibrant, colourful, dynamic and exciting version they can be. 

I believe that CCM can sound spectacular and be joyful to listen to.

Let’s work together to change the CCM soundscape one song at a time.

Timo Hyvarinen

Timo Hyvarinen

Mix Engineer

Mix Samples

  1. [Pop] We Got The Fire Ash Gale 3:43
  2. [Pop/Rock] Evening Train Jeremy Casella 5:10
  3. [Pop] Mystery Jeremy Rosado 4:27
  4. [Folk/Pop] Fools Gold Sunday Muse 3:34
  5. [Hip Hop] Twenty Four Sole Option 3:46

We Got The Fire and Mystery multitracks supplied by 

Evening Train mulitracks supplied by Dueling Mixes

Fools Gold multitracks supplied by Joe Gilder

Twenty Four supplied by Sole Option

How it works

1. Get In touch

Fill in the form below to get started. I’ll email you a link to upload a music sample.

2. We talk details

I’ll evaluate your mixing needs and send a proposal to you

3. Mix prep

Accept the proposal, make payment and send your multitracks and creative brief (mix prep guide)


4. The mix

You receive Mix 1 of each song. I’ll work through any revisions until they blow your socks off!

What clients say

I’ve never been more proud to put these songs out – the mixes sound better than any I’ve received before. Timo treated my songs as his own and I recommend him to anyone

Sole Option


I was blown away by the amazing clarity, rich low end, attention to detail, overall balance and amazing communication. What Timo captured was more than a mix, it was art.

Artisan Faith


His mix was bold and unapologetic – I wanted to turn up the volume! He went above and beyond what was expected and I was impressed with his honesty, positivity, humility and passion for what he does.

Glaucco Tomaz

The Mudhouse Recording Studios

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